The stress-free, no-cost way to sell your property

We will buy your house above market value

Total value paid by Lumière Property vs total market value over 6 months

Once we’ve researched the planning potential of your property, we’ll make a firm offer above the current market value. Because we’ve done our homework, we’ll stick to it. With a chain free model, we can bring back more certainty and less stress to the process of selling your home.

No fees and monthly payments

No estate agent fees. No legal fees. No planning fees. Ever. Plus we pay an initial lump sum and monthly payments of up to £1,000 per month. After all, this should be a great deal for everyone involved.

By saving money on estate agents, getting an above-market offer and letting us cover your legal fees, you could be better off by an average of a whopping £92,500 (based on a house price of £750,000) – that’s over 12% more. On top of that we cover all the costs involved so you don’t have to spend a penny!

The personal touch

We may have some clever tech, but nothing beats a fantastic customer experience. Andrew, our Head of Client Services is a real people person and will always be on hand every step of the way. We promise to be straightforward throughout, with no hidden surprises.

We’re different to estate agents. We want to take the stress and uncertainty out of selling your home, so it’s a point of pride for us that our offer is second to none. We make sure the balance of risk is fair through the process. We pay you a deposit and monthly advances on the value of your home during the planning process which are yours to keep no matter what happens.

You are specially selected

We don’t contact just anyone. Our bespoke technology can pin point properties with the right level of planning potential. So when we make you an offer, we’re confident we can help you unlock more value from your home.

Our specially developed software can explore things like site size, information about neighbourhoods, streetscape and ecological factors. It allows us to make fast and accurate first assessments of a possible development site. All important considerations when applying for planning permission.

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By Phone
By Phone

Head office 0208 434 7044

By Phone

By Phone

Head office 0208 434 7044