Planning Consent Achieved For a Garden Development in Morden

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

We are excited to have achieved planning consent for a single property on this garden plot in Morden; an unobtrusive, well-designed property in keeping with its surroundings and in a great location. This project allowed the homeowners to stay in their family home while unlocking significant capital from an unused section of their garden

Lumière Property has discovered a way of unlocking hidden fortunes from your back garden. With our advanced technology, we can determine whether your plot of land is developable or not. Our software means there are none of the hassles of looking around the area, saving your time as well as ours.

We are always looking for new potential clients. Clients with homes and back gardens that have great development potential.

If you feel we are right for you and we believe your property has strong possibilities we will make a firm offer which we will stick to because we have done our research

We focus on offering a generous package for our vendors. After all, we’re in this together. We take care of the estate agent fees, legal fees and planning fees. We pay up to 1% of the purchase price up front. During the planning stages, we’ll pay your legal fees and monthly advances of up to £1000 on the value of your home. Yours to keep, no matter what happens during the planning process.

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I’ve struggled to get planning permission before so it was important that Lumière Property had good planning relationships. Andrew is a really pleasant chap. He understands my side of things and is always available when I need to talk to him.
Mr Delgaudio - Croydon