An Easier Way to Sell

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

Selling your home should be a simple process. But this month’s issue of Which? Magazine featured a supplement on buying and selling your home. What caught our eye was the long-winded, protracted process of the traditional way to sell your home.

We believe we are different. With extensive experience in the property business, we think we have a better way to sell your home.  We have a much simpler approach. We make it easier and less stressful for the homeowner.

Here at Lumière Property, we understand that work and family life is stressful enough without having to add in the extra stress of moving. Our new approach has made a real impact on a large number of people.  Here are a just a couple of testimonials from previous clients explaining their journey with Lumière Property:

“Andrew is a charming person that I am pleased to do business with. Selling my house with Lumière Property means I hand over the keys at the end of the process. I won’t have lots of exhausting viewings and have to be here all the time and I think that’s marvellous.”


“After meeting Chris and Andrew from Lumière Property I felt they were very open, explained everything well and were able to give me a good offer. I felt safer with Lumière Property than selling through a local estate agent and it’s proved to be a good business relationship.”

If your property has clear development potential, will offer you a far easier selling experience that doesn’t involve jumping through endless hoops. Find out more about our process here. We think you’ll like our alternative.

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We did consider other developers but it was the end-to-end service that Lumière Property provides and the fact that we are being paid along the way. In essence, you put your money where your mouth is; you're taking risks, we're taking risks, together.
Kevin - Spelthorn