Increased Supply of Housing Creating More Affordable Homes

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

An increased supply of housing would mean lower rents and more affordable homes. And just think what that extra disposable income could do to boost the economy? An informed article in the Telegraph argues that if we want affordable housing, local authorities need to stop overregulating and unleash the market. Tokyo is flagged as a fine example of a market that’s thriving and getting the balance just right.

The article discusses how a large number of people have such long commutes as the likelihood of being able to afford a house near your work is very slim. These commutes significantly eat into the time you could be spending with your family, or doing a hobby.  Or just having time to relax!

I think it’s easy to say disposable income is everyone’s dream. Money you can spend on yourself or your family in any way you like. You could go on long luxurious well-earnt holidays, or take up extra hobbies which you couldn’t afford to do before. But unless the housing market releases more affordable, reasonably priced housing, nothing will change soon, unfortunately. And that disposable income will stay a dream for most people.

Lumière Property is wanting to help boost housing stock alongside the government. We want to maximise un-used or under-used but developable land.  But we can’t do that without your help. We have bespoke technology which identifies whether a plot of land or property is developable. If you believe your property or back garden is developable we would love to hear from you. Click here for contact details.

At Lumière Property, we believe in being straightforward.  So when you contact us, we’ll ask for your address so we can determine whether the property or land has potential. If not, we’ll let you know. But if it does, then we make an above current market value offer. And because we’ve done our homework, we’ll stick to it.

There are many more benefits when you sell to Lumière Property. Check out our process and our testimonials to find out more.


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