Are House Prices Still Soaring?

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

House prices are soaring in Britain. Economists believe that a minimum of 250,000 homes need to be built every year, which would in turn restrict economic growth and stabilise house prices. So typically, it’s inadequate house building that is the biggest cause of these spiralling prices. Thankfully a number of auspicious signs now suggest that this 250,000 homes target could be an achievable one: the number of planning permissions granted to builders has returned to pre-housing crisis levels. In 2017 more planning permissions were granted than in any year since 2006. Good news for all!

At Lumière Property, we are amongst those companies who are being granted more planning permissions. With the help of our design and architecture team, we produce detailed designs for properties with clear development potential. Our submissions are therefore more likely to be accepted for planning. When putting together a plan for a property or a piece of land we like to consider all details from tree welfare to privacy of surrounding neighbours. We understand how selling a property doesn’t just affect you but also affects everyone and everything around you.  By making the most of our expertise in this area, there is less stress for you, plus it also costs you nothing. We cover all fees through the process. If you are wanting to sell your property or back garden we would be happy to hear from you.  You could be part of the target build of Britain!

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The Economist 

Britain’s housing supply is perking up at last!!

“Last year planning permission was granted for around 350,000 new homes, the most since records began in 2006.”

In the past four decades average house prices in Britain have more than quadrupled in real terms, a bigger increase than in any other G7 country….

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