Unlock The Value in Your Garden

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

Lumière Property has launched a new campaign to find ‘Plots of Gold’.  We’re looking for garden plots with development potential.

We are advocates of the government’s bid to fix the broken housing market. Right now, Britain desperately needs more decent, fit-for-purpose housing. This would stabilise the market and the spiralling house prices.  Therefore, Lumière Property has created an innovative piece of software.  It can identify the development potential in unused or under-used land. We feel that this can maximise available developable areas instead of having to corrode our greenbelt.

It’s worth noting that more and more homeowners embrace the idea of garden developments. In fact, many people own large garden plots really only use a quarter of it. Yet the need to maintain that land is always there – all that lawn mowing!  With this in mind, if you’re willing to downsize your garden, you could make a healthy profit without having to even think about moving home. And there would be a more manageable garden to boot.

Currently, we’re looking for sizeable garden plots with development potential across Croydon, Bromley and East Surrey. We’re aiming to spread our wings across the UK and find more perfect garden plots. You could find yourself sitting on land that could make you some easy money.

If you think you have a plot of gold in your garden and would like to have a chat with us at Lumiere Property, please get in touch. Click here for contact details.

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