An Alternative to Equity Release: Boost Your Income Without Moving Home

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

Looking for an Alternative to Equity Release?

The Sandwich Generation

Baby Boomers are often regarded as being asset-rich. However, new research by Prudential reveals that the majority of the over 55s are cash-poor. Known as the ‘sandwich generation’, an increasing number of people in this age category are caught between funding their children’s education or first step on the property ladder and paying for their parents’ long-term care.

Boost Your Income without Moving Home

Whether you have paid off your mortgage or not, you might be wondering how you can use your property wealth to boost your income. Many are delaying retirement by working past the state pension age and opting for equity release. But if you’re looking for an alternative, consider us at Lumière Property. Our sophisticated software can identify gardens with strong development potential.  If yours fits the bill, we could help you to use your property to release that cash without having to move house. Plus, you would still retain much of the value of your home. #babyboomers #dimby #equityrelease

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