The Role of Modular Housebuilding in UK House Building

By Christopher Rowland-Smith

Modular Housebuilding

We feel that modular housebuilding has a significant part to play in the current property cycle and the following article highlights the need for  modular housebuilding to be adopted and encouraged by local authorities to help reach todays ambitious housing targets.

Councils Ignoring Modular Have ‘little chance’ of Tackling Housing Crisis

Modular Housebuilding & Lumière Property

We at Lumière Property feel that modular housebuilding can also help reduce the social impact of Property development within residential areas by reducing the time spent on site. The modular housebuilding process initially takes place ‘off site’ in a factory and is delivered in pre constructed parts, meaning the impact of noise and disruption to local residents will be significantly reduced.

Lumière Property will always look to use ‘off site’ construction methods whenever possible to try and minimise the inconvenience to local residents.

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