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You probably have some questions about what Lumière is proposing for your property. Select Property or Garden to find the most relevant answers to some commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Will selling some of my garden affect the value of my property?

In today’s current housing market smaller, well designed, manageable gardens are more desirable compared to large areas of land that require year round maintenance. When we buy part of your garden we will work with architects, landscape designers and planners to create a beautiful garden well proportioned for your property that will also appeal to buyers when the time comes for you to sell your home.

I have trees in my garden what will happen to them?

As we would be purchasing some of your garden there is a chance that some trees will need to be removed. Firstly we always design around tree preservation orders. Secondly any trees that do need to be moved will be replaced with the same or an improved specimen of tree for the local area. We are mindful of the natural environment and want to minimise negative impact and try to improve it where we can. For example replacing a coniferous tree with a deciduous tree will allow more natural light, give room for low level flora to grow and produce more oxygen and have an increased absorption of CO2 in the long term. We also put in place a tree management plan a management company of any development to carry out.

Will this affect my privacy?

Careful consideration is taken to any development we design. We take great care to reduce the impact any new development has on your property in particular, making sure we retain as much of the established planting as possible to maintain privacy into your properties garden and property. Planning policy has strict rules in relation to this in order to find any new development acceptable.

Will I have cars driving through my property(access)?

In most cases access to the new properties will need to be created but this doesn’t mean you will have cars driving through your property. It is likely there will be a new access drive (typically) running down one side of your property however this will be screened to give you privacy and security.

This sounds great but what if neighbours object?

Both ourselves at Lumiere Property and the local planning authority will contact your immediate neighbours beside you and directly opposite your property informing them that there will be a proposal for a new development close to them and we will offer them contact details to discuss any concerns they may have. If you get approached by one of your neighbours informing you they are to object, don’t worry, we will happily discuss their concerns with them if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself.

Does this mean there will be more cars parking on the street?

We always aim to meet parking policy standards for off street car parking, meaning all new properties built will have their own parking space and guest spaces will be available. If the local Planning Authority demand a reduced parking scheme, this would only be viable if an independent parking stress survey is carried out and there is sufficient space on the road for some additional parking. This survey also takes into account unbuilt but consented new developments when calculating the parking stress.

Will there be contractors working unsociable hours and disrupting my daily life?

Lumiere Property are very mindful that almost all our developments take place in existing urban or suburban areas, so we have a social responsibility to the local residents. We always aim to minimise noise and traffic disruption when constructing a new development. We would also not do any external or noisy work outside of the time schedule we receive from the local authority.

I have greenhouses and sheds in the portion of garden you are interested in, will these be relocated?

We will always try to relocate any garden structures you wish to retain such as sheds, greenhouses or garages.

Can I sell a piece of my garden if I have a mortgage?

If your property is mortgaged you will need to get your mortgage lenders consent to sell part of your garden. You will need to apply to them for a release of part security and your solicitor can advise you on this process, but it is not something you need to start before you enter into a sale with us. Any administration fees your mortgage company charges for this will of course be met by us.

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