Our Process

Your property or garden has been identified as having the right level of planning potential for us to help you unlock it's value. Select Property or Garden below to find out what your next steps with Lumière Property will look like.


You are specially selected

We don’t contact just anyone. Our bespoke technology helps us identify gardens with the right level of planning potential. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, our expert design and planning teams will carefully explore the development possibilities that could unlock the value in your garden.


We’ll make you an offer

If you like what you see, we’ll make you a firm offer to buy an agreed portion of your garden, subject to planning permission. And because we’ve done our homework already, we’ll stick to that offer.


Upfront payments and no fees

We focus on offering a generous package for our vendors. After all, we’re in this together. We pay a portion of the offer price up front as a good will gesture. During the planning stages, we’ll pay the legal fees. And any upfront payments are yours to keep, no matter what happens during the planning process.


Complete the sale

Our combination of clever technology and experienced people means we are confident of planning success. We’ll then work with you to finalise the sale of your garden. If the deal can’t go through, any payments we made to you are yours to keep.

Beyond the sale of your plot, we will work with you and your neighbours to minimise any disruption during development, keeping life as normal as possible.

Let's have a little chat with no strings

By Phone
By Phone

Head office 0208 434 7044

By Phone

By Phone

Head office 0208 434 7044

Some Common Questions

What happens if you don't get planning permission?